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Welcome to the Extreme Motor Sport website. Extreme motor sport covers a range of formats, but the pinnacle has to single seater motorcar racing. Young and old boys alike have always been utterly captivated by this type of racing, from watching the exploits of their heroes on the screen, to playing realistic racing games on their computers and game consoles. Speed is an instant adrenaline boost, and there is no faster extreme motor sport than Formula One racing.

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The sport is also at the very cutting edge of racing technology, and appeals to petrolheads and tech geeks alike. Formula One is the king of extreme motor sports, and our site hopes to give you all the information about it you could want. Contact our experts on Extreme Motor Sport for further information.


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Here at the Extreme Motor Sport website we are fans and promoters of the best in extreme motor sport the world has to offer. Right now, that means Formula 1 racing. Formula 1 races are most likely the world’s most popular motor sport races, with more than 600 million fans watching every year. And with the races now being hosted in more countries than ever, the sport is reaching a truly global audience. The races don’t always occur on specially designed tracks, but also on the streets of cities selected and modified specifically for the racing, such as in Monaco and Malaysia. The streets are shut to the public during these races. Drop us an email today with your questions regarding Extreme Motor Sport.

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