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Welcome to the Extreme Motor Sport website. Extreme motor sport covers a range of formats, but the pinnacle has to single seater motorcar racing. Young and old boys alike have always been utterly captivated by this type of racing, from watching the exploits of their heroes on the screen, to playing realistic racing games on their computers and game consoles. Speed is an instant adrenaline boost, and there is no faster extreme motor sport than Formula One racing.

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The sport is also at the very cutting edge of racing technology, and appeals to petrolheads and tech geeks alike. Formula One is the king of extreme motor sports, and our site hopes to give you all the information about it you could want. Contact our experts on Extreme Motor Sport for further information.


Online resources about BMW

Whatever other people may tell you about cars...owning a BMW is something else. Whether it is a Z3, X5 or BMW 3 series, then you will be sure to find lots of information online about them.

BMW are great cars to drive, yet quite often it's difficult to know which model has the best resale value, or where the cheapest place to buy a decent BM is. Thankfully, you're only a few clicks away from finding all this information online...

Car Racing

When reconstructing a vintage or classic motorbike or car, problems are inevitably encountered which need engineered solutions. We have both the experience and the services to assist you with most problems you will encounter. We have been able to produce precision components to take the place of worn or damaged ones, and can make old parts in the original finish or in stainless steel if required.

Click on our services tab for a list of standard jobs which I am able to perform. It is not possible to show what the costs would be for these services as the quantity of work involved can alter substantially. Whether you’re into motorsports or getting fit wth a trainer, we’ve got the car and look to match your needs.

Car development

Welcome to the online home of classic cars development.  Situated in Bedfordshire we are lucky to be able to provide a large selection of low mileage quality used cars to be imported into the UK at very attractive prices.  Search through our stock list and look at the details and specifications of each previously owned vehicle.

If you wish us to sell your car on a commission basis it can be included in our partner site and made visible to many clients.  We also buy cars and specialise in prestige and exotic brands such as Mercedes, Ferrari, Range Rover, Jaguar, BMW, Porsche, MGF, and Audi,  although all brands will be considered.
Trade enquiries are also always welcome. Please take advantage of our resources to underwrite or source desirable stock for your customer’s base.

Save 20% on Car Hire When Booking

When luxury cars come to mind, you think of Aston Martins, Porsches, Mercedes, Jaguar and much more. You also may think that enjoying a lifestyle like that is only for the rich and famous, and this is where you’re wrong.

The life of luxury is something that everybody should experience, especially cars if you’re into that sort of stuff.

Aston Martins are definitely one of the most luxurious cars on the market, so why not try the Aston Martin DB9 and see why they’re the greatest? You can hire an Aston Martin for under £700. Find out more.

The DB9 is one of their most powerful cars with a peak power of 517 PS and a seamless torque of 620 NM. Not only does the new design shout performance, it is also the most advanced with reduced CO2 production.